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Paediatric Vision

Pre-school and school age children

Vision Therapy

There are visual related problems that can be treated with vision therapy. Vision therapy is a series of activities that are individually prescribed for the child's needs. These are only prescribed after a comprehensive eye examination to determine whether vision therapy is an appropriate treatment option. The goal of vision therapy is to develop and improve visual skills and to alleviate the signs and symptoms.

Ocular pathologies, decreased vision, strabismus and amblyopia can have a negative impact on the development of children of all ages. Early detection and treatment of any visual and eye related problems are important. Children's eyes should be examined regularly.

In today's world there is a lot of emphasis on whether or not you can work efficient and accurate. Schools require that an increasing amount of information needs to be handled accurately and in a shorter time span. In order to do that, the visual systems need to gather and process the information quickly and accurately. If the information that is gathered is incorrect, unreliable or confusing to the child, then the result will be incorrect and slow. Thus, the more effective the visual system, the more effective school work can be processed.

Here are a few signs and symptoms that you as parent can be on the look out for:

  • Complains of hurting and headaches after reading
  • Avoidance of close work e.g reading
  • Complains of the words moving on the page
  • Frequent loss of place when reading
  • Confuses similar looking words
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Attention problems
  • Red, watery, tired eyes
  • Poor eye movements